Baby Room 4-16 months

As we are a small setting our smaller numbers in the Baby room allow us to strike up those initial key bonds quickly and effectively, we have found that the developing of strong bonds with the not only the child but parents and carers to is key to having a positive experience within the nursery.

We work hard to ensure that all the children within the Baby room are having the best possible time providing lots of sensory activities which allow the children to explore not only their senses but also develop relationships and skills with their peers.

The Baby room staff work hard to ensure that all of the children have opportunities to develop the key skills to move on to their next exciting stage of their learning.

From learning to crawl to get an object out of their reach, to beginning to feed them self and developing language all of the staff are highly trained to ensure that your child meets their next step whatever this may be.


Toddler Room 16-24 months

Set within a homely and caring environment the children begin to learn those key skills which will be developed further within their learning journey. Highly experienced and knowledgeable staff set up exciting and interesting opportunities and activities for the children to develop their communication and language skills. They begin to use language within the correct context and develop relationships with their peers allowing them to gain the skills required to problem solve and share.

Often described as the age where children are testing the boundaries, highly trained staff use this to their advantage and plan opportunities and activities which allow the children to develop an understanding of boundaries and expectations while still having fun.


Pre School 2-5 years

At the Jumbles we firmly believe that a child’s journey should be more than just ABC and 123, yes we provide lots of opportunities and focused activities which support learning this but in addition to this we encourage and provide opportunities for the children to learn a whole variety of other skills which support their development as a whole we develop knowledge on the wider community and other cultures and develop skills such as problem solving and negotiating with friends, your child can learn a new language or swimming and something new we have recently introduced is forest school which will develop a child’s understanding of recognising danger and learning about the environment and nature.

We want to give your child the best possible start to their learning experiences, making everyday fun, exciting and always have opportunities to learn, explore and develop.

Each day we set up the nursery environment to be as exciting and interesting as possible, each activity or opportunity is also there to develop a skill or a child’s understanding.  The activities/opportunities could include an adult led learning activity related to numbers, shapes or phonics or an activity which the child has asked for such as play dough or water. We will always enhance these with objects which will encourage the child to work towards a next step such as encouraging pincer grip or designing with a purpose in mind.