Meal Time

Healthy eating is about getting a varied, balanced diet and enjoying lots of different foods.

Meal and snack times are a social occasion where all the staff and children sit down together.  We encourage the children to help prepare and serve food where practical.  All our meals are prepared on the premises, meats are sourced from our local butchers ‘whiteheads’, a sample of our menu is shown below.

We are happy to accommodate any special dietary requirements and a vegetarian alternative is available.

Breakfast    –    8.30am – 9.00am.
Lunch         –    11:30am

Snack         –    2:00pm
Lite Bite      –    3.30pm

Sample Menu



Light Tea


Spaghetti Bolognese Fresh Fruit Cheese Sandwiches & Crisps


Sausage, Mashed Potatoes, Peas & Onion Gravy. Shortbread Biscuit Potato Cakes


Tuna Pasta Bake Baking Activity Cheese, Ham & Fruit Platter


Chilli Con Carne & Rice Jelly & Ice Cream Turkey Slices & Tomato Wraps


Chicken Kebabs & New Potatoes Fruit Yoghurt Cheese, Ham & Fruit Platter


Fresh water is available throughout the day in addition to drinks provided at meal times.  We are also a member of the ‘Cool Milk Scheme’ which provides a third of a pint of milk for every child each day, this is served with our afternoon snack.

Smiling for Life

Jumbles Nursery has achieved ‘Smiling For Life’ accreditation from the NHS Dental Service which is a national programme on nutrition and oral health.  It ensures that we promote good nutrition and oral health practices within the setting by providing healthy drinks and snacks throughout the day.


Every baby is different, some being ready for solid foods sooner than others. We are happy to follow your preferences as and when you and your baby are ready. You will need to provide a supply of prepared bottles for your child each day.